We prefer to keep our prices as straight forward as possible, so the price for any modality will be the same.

60 minutes, $70

75 minutes, $85

90 minutes, $100

30 minutes $40*

*Add another 30 minutes for just  $40 up to a max of 120 minutes unless by special arrangement. Sessions less than 60 minutes can not be booked except for Reflexolgy maintenance. 

Add Essential Oil to any massage for only $10

Add Raindrop to any 90 minute or more massage for only $25

Buy a Series and Save up to $200!

Sessions from a series can be used whenever you like and do not expire.

Session Regular Discount Special Savings
3 60 Minute Sessions $210 10% $189 $21
6 60 Minute Sessions $420 15% $357 $63
10 60 Minute Sessions $700 20% $560 $140
3 75 Minute Sessions $229.50 10% $255 $25.50
6 75 Minute Sessions $433.50 15% $510 $76.50
10 75 Minute Sessions $680 20% $850 $170
3 90 Minute Sessions $300 10% $270 $30
6 90 Minute Sessions $600 15% $510 $90
10 90 Minute Sessions $1000 20% $800 $200

Gift Certificates are available for any Service or Series.

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Unlike some places where a 60 minute massage means 10 minutes of changing sheets, then 50 minutes of actual massage, you get a full 60 minutes here. The only reason you may get less is if you are late for your appointment, and you won’t want to miss a minute of this experience.
Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance.

If you will be visiting us for the first time …

… in order to spend more time enjoying your massage and less time filling out paperwork, please print the Intake Form, input all relevant information and bring with you; or arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete this. After your therapist discusses your health history and goals with you, they will further determine whether to focus on a single modality or integrate aspects from different types of Massage, Reflexology and Energy therapies to create a massage experience specific to your needs. This discussion and analysis is so important you will receive an additional 15 minutes FREE when you schedule your first session of 60 or more minutes at regular price!

Your insurance may cover massage therapy for a variety of conditions, from minor injury rehabilitation, to chronic condition management. If you aren’t sure, it is worth calling them to find out. We can’t submit your claim for you, but we can set you up as a medical patient using the proper medical codes to assist you with your self claim paperwork. If you believe you can bill to insurance, please be sure to ask to be set up as a medical patient on your first visit so we can get your information added to the correct section of our software. Thank you!


Book Now on MassageBook.com!


Earn a FREE treatment using our referral reward program.

You will receive a $10 credit for every new client you refer to us. You can use your credit right away or let them accumulate until you have earned a free treatment! Just make sure when your referral makes an appointment, either by phone or on-line, that they mention that you referred them. It’s that simple.


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