This story I am about to share with you is very close to my heart and the family who it pertains to are more than just clients fighting cancer to me, they are my friends.

Last year I had the privilege of working with a client named Chris. He had Cancer and the Doctors had told him that he was terminal. It started in the Colon and had spread from there to the rest of his body including the Adrenals and the Brain. A mutual friend of ours had suggested to him and his wife that he come try out some energy therapy healing sessions with me. Chris was already using Young Living Essential Oils at home for the Cancer and other issues.

Energy TherapyThe first time I saw Chris he was very distant and seemed confused; The chemo had already taken its toll on his physical and spiritual Being. I was mainly communicating with his wife and did not speak much with him during the session. I performed a type of Energy Therapy┬ácalled Healing Touch which has different techniques within that title. I Performed Healing Touch : Raking during that first session. Afterwards I got him a glass of water and he drank a little. I don’t think I was able to even make eye contact with him on that first session. After this session I saw him once a week, every week for around 3 months excluding a couple weeks because they went on vacation.

The third time I saw him he was making eye contact with me and communicating with me instead of his wife having to. You could almost see that the life had returned into his physical and spiritual Being . He even smiled at one point. They had also gotten an MRI and the scan showed that the cancer tumors in his brain were disappearing and the others had gotten slightly smaller.

I gave both of them some “homework” to do as well which included doing some Raking techniques every night before bed. As far as I know they kept up with it because every time I saw him he seemed to have gotten better and better.

Energy TherapyUnfortunately he had been fighting cancer for too long and I felt in his energy that he was tired and felt concerned for his family. The last time I saw him at the office he seemed like he wasn’t accepting of the work. Later that next week his wife had informed us that Chris was going downhill fast. He had been put on hospice. When I heard that, I contacted his wife and told her that there was another technique I learned in Healing Touch which is typically used in the “passing process” and that I could come to their house and work with him. It assists with making the process easier and more peaceful. She contacted me back and said that she would love for me to come.

That next Saturday I went to their home and performed Healing Touch with Chris. At this point he was just sleeping. I had his family that was there help me with the work. You could tell he knew that they were there when they touched him. After we did the work I stood at his head and stimulated the Pineal Gland, which is said to be the “unconscious mind”, while each person came over to talk to him and say their goodbyes (either out loud or in their head – he would hear both).

After we were all done I told the family what I “received” from him while they were talking to him. He was mostly worried about his wife and daughter because they will a lot of times act strong when they really need to just let go. He wanted them to know that it’s okay to cry. However his sister he knew was strong and he knew that she would be okay. I also felt that there were a couple of strings still attached that may keep him attached to his body. The wife said that his 2 sons were still in Australia. I told her that it might help to get them on the phone to talk to him. If he hears their voices it might be enough for him to be able to let go. I told them all that he could hold on for a couple days or he could be gone by tomorrow.

Energy TherapyLater that night when I was going to bed around 12:15 a.m., I laid down and saw him standing next to my bed. I then slipped into a half dream state and the room became brighter like in the daytime and he told me that he was happy and very thankful for helping him and his family. I went straight into a deep sleep after that (which is not normal for me). I thought that I was just dreaming and subconsciously telling myself I did a good job. However, the next morning his wife said that Chris had passed away just before midnight. I was in tears.

His family kindly invited me and my parents to his memorial service. I am very grateful to them for allowing me to say my goodbyes as well.

I still see his wife and his daughter regularly as clients. In fact his wife, Wendy, has told me that if any of you have any questions or would like to talk to her about this and her experience she would love to talk to you. She gave me permission to put you in contact with her so if you would like to talk to Wendy please email me at and I will give you her number.


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