Best Massage in LakewoodVoted Best Massage Company in Lakewood since 2012.


“That was the best massage I have ever had. This may sound strange, but can I give you a hug?” ~ Chanel

The west Denver, Colorado metro comes to Lakewood for the best massage, reflexology and alternative healing options.


Best Massage in LakewoodMassage Therapy has long been known for reducing stress and pampering oneself. Stress relief is just the beginning. Many medical issues can also be treated with massage . Athletes can improve their performance and recover quicker from sports injuries. Massage can also help speed recovery after surgery or an auto accident. You may be surprised at all the health benefits of massage. You may also be surprised to learn that therapeutic massage comes in several different forms and pressures.


best massageSole is part of our name because we know the soles of our feet have a direct connection to healing the rest of the body. Anything that cannot be worked on with typical massage, like internal organs and bones, can be reached with Reflexology by massaging specific areas of the feet and hands. Many running and work induced pains, like Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, can also be treated. Lose the boot!


Best Massage in Lakewood

Massage Therapy comes in many forms. We focus primarily on those that bring healing. Most massage businesses simply ask which type of massage you want. We begin by asking you what health issue you would like to improve. Then we discuss what we believe will be the best massage alternatives to address your specific healing goals. Do you dislike being touched, due to Fibromyalgia, cancer, or arthritis? We also provide Energy Therapy healing options that are non-invasive and allow you to remain fully clothed. If you are looking for an alternative to drugs to aid in healing, we can help.


You receive the absolute best massage therapy session by establishing a Connection with your therapist. We connect the Best Massage, Reflexology, Essential Oils and Energy therapies to create an integrated session specifically designed for you. We work in cooperation with practitioners of all forms of Traditional, Holistic, Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Life Coaches. Find some of the professionals we connect with on our Partner Page.


“The environment was clean, comfortable and helped create a relaxing situation.  I appreciated the music and other sounds that softly played in the background.  The massage table was comfortable and relaxing and the lighting was set at an appropriate level to add to the comfortable environment.” ~ Brian

Best Massage


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